Refrigeration principle

This product uses ammonia as refrigeration agent, water as the absorbent, and helium as the dispersing agent. Its refrigerating process is to make the liquid ammonia vaporize and disperse to helium under the low pressure of evaporator. The ammonia in the mixture of ammonia and helium is absorbed by the water in the absorber to become ammonia solution, and then come to the generator to be heated to release ammonia gas, which is condensed by the condenser into liquid ammonia, which again comes to the evaporator for evaporation. The process of heat absorption and release is cycled. No compressor or freon is used. No more refrigerating agent is needed in the re-acting process. The work goes on even the electric power is volatile.
·Enjoy life & free taste;
·Meeting modern life needs;
·No compression,no mechanical part,no noise;
·No 100% CFC-free, advanced absorption-style refrigeration technology;
·Double direction design of the doors to match the placing of different room;
·Glass door, make icebox, wooden doo;
·According to your request formulation different color refrigerator;
·Automatic defroster, interior lamp;
·Transported easily, no worrying for slanting;
·Full seal design without needs to add refrigerant for whole life.
Correct placement:(See the figure)

1)Outside of the cabinet: The refrigerator shall have a space no less than 5CM to the wall to allow the ideal heat release of the back refrigerating system.
2)In the cabinet: The cabinet shall have air inlet and outlet with the opening area no less than 250C㎡。
No placement on places near to heat source; no direct exposure to sunshine;
Room temperature: Optimal refrigeration between centigrade 18 to 28 degrees;
The refrigerator shall be placed at the floor stably and at level.
Design to detail, exquisite, elegant, and practical.
Absorption System: Without noise of mechanical movement. Quiet environment preserves your sound sleep.
Light (LED): Cold color lighting cools your body.
Joint Action Installation: Design of easy installation and two-in-one of cabinet door and refrigerator door to meet individualized requirements and allow convenient and quick installation.
Black + golden yellow; silver gray; color of Europe and America style; grand and beautiful.